How to watch TV with Sopcast

By Laura

Many people do not know the usage of SopCast. This tutorial will help you know how to use SopCast to watch TV online.

Sopcast is the tool for watching TV online for free. This software is assessed that it can download video quickly and pick up some radio stations. However, novice users may feel like a fish out of water. The following tutorial will help users watch TV on Sopcast easily.

Requirement for the system:

To install and use Sopcast, your computer must be installed with Windows XP upwards.

How to watch TV with Sopcast
Step 1: You must install sopcast so that you can use it.

After completing the installation, start the software. After activating, the Sopcast window will appear.
Step 2: When Sopcast window opens, the system will require you to log in to use the software.
If you do not have any account, you can log in Sopcast by clicking on the box beside Login as Anouymous, then select Login. The system will automatically log in the software anonymously.


watch tv with Sopcast

If you want to use it in a long term, you can sign up an account. You can click on the line Create a new account to register for an account.
The registration is totally free. After having an account on Sopcast, you just need click on Login using My Current Account.
Fill username into the box below the line Account name and type password into the box below the line Password. For example, in the picture, Account name is and Password is the secret code you registered.


 Step 3: After logging in, the system will move to a new window. If you want to watch entertainment programs like music, movies, TV shows, select the Live Chanels box, then click on the program you want to watch.
 For example, you want to watch Prima TV channel, click on 122835. Prima TV(1011k). The system will automatically open a window having the Windows Media player program.
At the beginning, Sopcast just has some TV channels. If you want more channels, you can search on Internet.

Step 4: Then, if you can connect successfully, the program will be broadcast. However, if you can not connect to it, “Chanel is offline now” will appear.

With Sopcast, you can easily watch your favorite programs without turning on TV. Besides, this software also supports users to watch some international entertainment TV channels cable TV can not have. Moreover, this software also support users to add other TV channels to diversify your choice. In addition, with Sopcast, you can watch football online of many major tournaments in the world, some of which are not shown on TV.

I hope that with this tutorial you can watch TV by Sopcast.

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watch TV with Sopcast


watch television with Sopcast


how to watch TV with Sopcast

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