IDM - Fix Error 0x80004002 in Windows 7

By Laura

Your computer uses IDM (Internet Download Manager) – a useful program that supports download files and videos at high speed . But suddenly one day, you get the error message”Error 0x80004002”from IDM and you cannot download data normally. will guide you how to overcome this situation.

Error 0x80004002” or error ”Can not transfer file download to IDM” is a situation that you easily encounter while downloading a file on the internet that IDM cannot get link to download. This problem is common when using Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Fix Error 0x80004002 in Windows 7, 8 , Windows XP

Step 1 : Download latest patch to help solve this error:Download here

After download, click to install it and go to step 2


Step 2: Open the folder containing IDM installation file, right click IDMan.exe - > Properties.


Step 3 : The Properties window appears - > select Compatibility.
Tick ​​Run this program in compatibilty mode for to choose the operating system that you are using.
In Privilege Level, mark Run this programs as an administrator
Click OK to save the settings

On this article, guides you how to fix the error 0x80004002 ib Windows 7, for other versions of Windows, just do the same.
In addition, if you cannot overcome this situation, you can uninstall and reinstall IDM, use CCleaner to uninstall the software, do the same with IDMan.exe in the folder containing installation files.

Wish you success!

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