IDM - How to change the folder containing downloaded files

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You do not know how to change the default storage folder of data downloaded from Internet by Intern

Internet Download Manager or IDM is the most popular and fastest download software today. Like other software, downloaded data which are documents, audio files, video files, images are often archived in the default folder of the producer.

You are new to this utility and do not have much experience in using it and you want to change this default folder with a more rememberable folder. This article will help you do this.


Step 1: After installing IDM, open the browser by clicking on the icon of IDM (Internet Download Manager) on Desktop (if you choose to create the icon on the Desktop in the install process).


Or in the Search Programs and files section on the Start Menu, enter the Internet Download Manager keyword, then the results will be displayed right on the screen.

Step 2: On the toolbar of IDM, click Downloads --->Options to change some settings.

Step 3: In the Options dialog box, click Save to.

Here you change the default folder containing files by selecting Browse in the "Default download directory for "General" category" frame to select the folder you want.

Click Save to save settings.

It is not difficult to change the default folder to save files downloaded to the computer by IDM. However, it is very difficult for some people. Instead of spending hours on searching the way to change, this article will help you save time but still get the expected result.

Wish you success!


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