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You do not have much time to sit and wait a large file to be downloaded from Internet. When usingID

Internet Download Manager allows you to download data having the large capacity such as software, high-quality Videos. Moreover, you can also download multiple files at the same time with this utility. These jobs often take a long time and you do not have much time to wait.

There is a tip which helps you download multiple large files simultaneously without taking efforts to wait. It is re-configuring IDM so that the computer shutdowns automatically when the download process finishes.


Step 1: After installing IDM, open the browser by clicking on the icon of IDM (Internet Download Manager) on Desktop (if you choose to create the icon on the Desktop in the install process).


Or in the Search Programs and files section on the Start Menu, enter the Internet Download Manager keyword, then the results will be displayed right on the screen.

Step 2: On the toolbar of IDM, select the clock-shaped icon which is named as Scheduler, then select Files in the queue to display files archived in the queue.

On this display board, the producer set the number of download is 4, which means you can download 4 files at the same time.

At this value box, you can fill any number you want. Here, selects 1 so that everyone can imagine easily.

After changing the download value, click Start Now -->Apply

Step 3: Also in Scheduler , click Schedule to set time to shutdown the computer.

Tick on these following lines:

One-time downloading: Download in one time
- Hang up modem when done: Turn off modem when download is completed.
Exit Internet Download Manager when done: Exit IDM right when the download process finishes.
Turn off computer when done: Turn off the computer after downloading data is done.
Force processes to terminate: Close processes of IDM to shutdown the computer more quickly.

Or instead of setting up files before downloading them, you can set up them when they are being downloaded on the computer.

Select Options on completion (set up the configuration when the work is done)

Uncheck Show download complete dialog in order not to display notification when the download process ends. Select lines like Hang up modem when done, Exit Internet Download Manager when done, Turn off computer when done, Force processes to terminate.

Clearly, based on steps above, you set up the IDM configuration successfully so that the computer can close automatically when download is completed.

Wish you success!


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