Increase SATA hard drive’s speed in Win 7

By Laura

Currently, SATA is the most commonly used component. By optimizing it, you can somewhat improve the performance of hard drives.

After hard drives operate for a long time, its performance may be lower, so you need to know some tricks to make them operate better and have longer lifespan. Betdownload will guide you how to speed up SATA hard drive’s speed in Win 7.

Increase SATA hard drive’s speed in Win 7

1. Turn off ”Enable Write Caching On The Device”'

Step 1: First, right click My Computer, select Manage

Step 2: After the new window appears, click Device Manager, look to the right, double-click Disk Drives. Select your hard drive then right-click, select Properties.

Step 3: Next, click Policies and tick Enable write caching on device (If it has been ticked, you do not need to tick it anymore). Then restart the computer.

2. Begin to defragment the hard drive

To defragment your hard drive, in this article, I will guide you to use Smart Defrag, a small but very powerful program to defragment your hard drive.

First, download Smart Defrag

After downloading and installing, open the program, you will see the following interface:

To defragment, click on the drive and select Defrag. After finishing one drive, you may choose another drive and do the same. After this process, your hard drive will run more smoothly.

This article has guided you how to increase  SATA hard drive in Win 7. You can see and use other computer acceleration software in ”related Soft” above.

Wish you success!


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