Insert special characters into text file

By Laura

Some types of text often have special characters (Ω, →, ®, ™, ect), however, you cannot find them on the keyboard. Have you ever wondered how to type them?

When you want to type a special character in the text that does not appear on the keyboard, just follow the tutorial from below to know how to do it.

Insert special characters into text file

Step 1: On the file, go to insert, select symbol. (For example, insert characters in Word)

Here it will show a small table of about 20 characters for you to choose.

Step 2: If you want to display more characters, click more symbols to display a large.

Just double click or select the character and click insert.

Note: In this symbol table, just pay attention to these items:

- Font: Type of font displaying special characters.

- Recently used symbols: Display 16 characters that have been used most recently.

- Subset: Displays icon in their categories.

Depending on your needs, you can select the appropriate option to insert special characters into text file.

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