Install FILEminimizer Pictures to resize image

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FILEminimizer Pictures is considered the top tool to compress image files and minimize image size effectively. However, not everyone knows how to install the software properly. will guide you how to do this.

FILEminimizer Pictures is used to reduce file size and image size. The images after being compressed gain a significantly reduced size compared to the original size. It is even more wonderful since the quality after the compression is the same as the original file.

Install FILEminimizer Pictures to resize image
System Requirements:

- You should install software on the computer using such Windows operating systems as XP/Vista/7/8.

Step 1: Open the folder containing the installation file as FILEminimizer - pictures_30.

You can download the latest version of FILEminimizer Pictures.

Step 2: Click Next to begin installing software

Step 3: Select I accept the agreement and click Next

Step 4: Change the installation path containing the file by clicking Browse (You can also set the default path)
Click Next

Step 5: Click Next

Step 6: Click Next

Step 7: Select Create a desktop icon to create an icon on your desktop. Click Next

Step 8: Select Install to begin the installation process

Step 9: The installation process ends. Click Finish

And here is the interface of the program

With such detailed instructions to install FILEminimizer Pictures, surely anyone knows how to install FILEminimizer Pictures to reduce image size. Furthermore, you can take a look at other software to reduce file size on in ”related Soft”.


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