Instruction for CrystalDiskInfo

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CrystalDiskInfo is a software that allows you to view parameters and status of the hard drive. Thus, you can understand more about your hard drive to handle problems.

If you want to check such parameters as temperature, spin speed, cache, ect of the hard drive, it is best to use specialized software. In today's article, will guide you how to use CrystalDiskInfo to check such parameters.

Instruction for CrystalDiskInfo

Step 1: Download and install

- You can download the latest version of CrystalDiskInfo here: CrystalDiskInfo

- Installation: it is quite simple, just follow the instructions.

Step 2: Using the software

Once installed, open up the software, you will see the following interface:

Meaning of parameters:

- Health Status: This is the status of your hard drive. If it shows Good, the status of your hard drive is still good. In addition, there are other statuses such as Caution, Bad, Gray to demonstrate that your hard drive is having problems.

- Temperature: The temperature of the hard drive. If the temperature is too high (usually above 50C), the hard drive will run much slower, it is in danger of being damaged.

- Firmware: name of the version of the software controlling the hard drive

- Serial Number: Number of hard drives

- Interface: the Interface. In this case, it is SATA

- Drive Letter: Name of the partition of the drive (eg C drive, D drive, ect)

- Total Host Reads: The total capacity that has been read from the beginning

- Total Host Write: The total capacity that has been recorded from the beginning

- Rotation Rate: rotational speed of the hard drive. In the image, it is 5400 r/min

- Power on count: the total number of startup times of the hard drive

- Power on hours: The total amout of time the hard drive being used.

Hopefully, with the qbove instruction for using CrystalDiskInfo to check status of your hard drive, you can learn useful knowledge about computer's hard drive as well as the status of hard drives.


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how to use CrystalDiskInfo


check hard drives with CrystalDiskInfo


check drives with CrystalDiskInfo


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