Instruction to cut ringtones on Android with Ringtone Cutter

By Giang Doan

You often change ringtones and set different ringtones for different person. Thus, have you had an effective tool for doing that. Let’s follow our article to cut ringtones on Android devices in your own style.

Today, we will give you a detail instruction on using the one of the most common Ringtone cutter at present - Ringtone Cutter for Android. You can cut and adjust ringtones easily with this tool. Ringtone Cutter for Android is a completely free application. You can download Ringtone Cutter for Android free here.

To cut ringtones by yourself, you can following these steps:

Step 1: Start Ringtone Cutter for Android

Ringtone Cutter for Android has a simple and handy interface. There are three controlling tabs: Library and My Ringtone.

Library: Display all songs on your devices

My Ringtone: Display ringtones that you have used Ringtone Cutter for Android to cut.

Step 2: Select the song that you want to cut at Library tab. Here, Ringtone Cutter for Android will give you 6 offers:

1. Cut music

You can adjust a section of music that you want to cut to be ringtone by moving two sliders to select the starting and ending sections.

You can listen to the section of music before saving your music section.

When saving Ringtone Cutter for Android, you will be offered to select Ringtone, Notification, Alarm or Music format for you to easily manage your cut music section.

Your ringtone cutting process has been completed.

2. Download music to set as ringtones

3. Set the music as a reminding sound

4. Set the music as alarming sound

5. Set the music as a ringtone for a contact

6. Delete disliked music

Step 3. After selecting and cutting your own ringtone, you music section will be displayed in My Ringtone section.

Here, tick to select the music that will appear in your options.

1. Delete the music

2. Re-cut the music section if you have not satisfied

3. Re-write the name for the music track

4. Share the music track. Ringtone Cutter for Android allows you to share music by three ways: Bluetooth, Gmail, and Messaging

5. Allow you to set your music track as ringtone (Set As Ringtone), notifying sound (Set As Notify), alarming sound (Set As Alarm), and ringtone for each contact (Set To Contact)

Above, has instructed you how to create your own ringtone with Ringtone Cutter for Android. With you be able to create your own good and unique ringtones.

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