Instruction to install fonts on Windows

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Font is a decisive feature for compiling documents, creating beautiful types of fonts for being inserted to image files via graphics softwares, etc. This article is dedicated to those who have just got familiar to the computer and have not known how to install or use the built-in fonts in Windows.

There are many types of fonts such as lowercase, uppercase, bold, italic, etc. In addition, fonts are also presented in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, etc. Fonts can be used in different ways in text editors such as Microsoft Office or graphics softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, etc. You only need to select the most suitable font to perform your work.

There are three most basic types of fonts for Windows
- True Type Font: is the type of font with high definition and full types of size. The file has .TTF extension. Almost all characters in documents and printings use this type of font.
- Open Type Font: is a type of font for the computer with .TTF extension. This type is formed based on the basic structure of Font True Type Font, but it has more complicated data structure to serve the printing work.
- System Font: is the default type of font for the operating system which is used for displaying name of menu, title, icon, etc. The format of this type is .FON.
Instructions to install fonts on Windows
Search and download fonts that you want on the Internet (you can download font types from Font Full available on
You only need to directly copy font types and paste to Fonts folder of Windows. There are two methods to open this Fonts folder.
* First method 1: Open via Windows Explorer
Step 1: Open the folder containing the downloaded fonts that you want to install or select all fonts in the folder by using Ctrl + A.
Right click the selected fonts -->Copy (or use Ctrl +C key combination)

Step 2: Select C drive -->Windows -->Fonts. Paste all these fonts that have been copied by right clicking on a certain position in Font section --> Paste (or use Ctrl +V key combination).

* Method 2: Open with Control Panel
Step 1: Click Start Menu -->Control Panel

Step 2: Control Panel window opens --> select Appearance and Themes (Windows XP) or Appearance and Personalization ( Windows 7)

Step 3: Select and open Fonts folder, Paste  the copied Fonts here.

After being installed, the new fonts will be automatically displayed on text editors like  MS Office or graphics softwares like Adobe Photoshop.
In addition to the full set of fonts above, you can download to your computer many other types of fonts available on

Wish you success!

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  • Instruction to install fonts on Windows

    Font is a decisive feature for compiling documents, creating beautiful types of fonts for being inserted to image files via graphics softwares, etc.

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