Internet Explorer - Fix error "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

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You use Internet Explorer (IE) as the default browser on your computer. Recently, Internet Explorer often displays the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error although you connected to Internet successfully. will guide you the way to correct this error.

Internet Explorer (IE) is a web browser which has appeared for a long time. Although there are lots of new Web browsers on the market like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, many people still choose IE as the default browser thanks to its excellent features.

However, Internet Explorer does not always operate effectively. A common error many computers encounter is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" although it is notified that the connection is successful. once guided you the way to solve the problem that Google Chrome can not connect to Internet. Today we will guide you how to correct the similar error with Internet Explorer.


Step 1: Open IE and delete the whole Web browsing history by

- Press Alt on the keyboard to display the toolbar, then click Tools -->Internet Explorer.

Internet Options window appears, in the Browsing history section

* Select Delete browsing history on exit: Delete the Web browsing history completely and close this window immediately.

 Delete: Choose to delete components in the Web browsing history like downloaded files, cookies, Web history, database, password, etc.

OK to close the window and restart the IE browser.

Step 2: Disable Add-on installed on Internet Explorer

- To turn off Add-on temporarily.

Click on the Start Menu (on the left corner of the screen), click All Programs --->Accessories --->System Tools, then Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

Adds-on completely

* Open Internet Explorer, click Tools --->Manage add-ons (where manage adds-on installed on the browser).

At the Show section, click All Add-ons to display all Adds-on.

Add-on you want to close, change the status of Add-on by clicking Disable (or right click on each Add-ons, then select Disable).

Click Finish to close the window.

Step 3: Reset IE to the default settings.

Select Tools --> Internet Options, select the Advanced tab, then click Reset to reset to the initial parameters.

Click OK to close the window.

Step 4: Check if programs or services of third parties can conflict with IE.

- Click the Start Menu then type msconfig the Search Programs and Files section, click msconfig in the Programs list.
In the System Configuration window, select the Services tab, then click Enable all (to close all programs which can conflict with IE).

Click OK to save settings.

Step 5: Restore the computer at the incident point.
Click the Start Menu, type System Restore, open the system restore program. (If you are required to provide the administration password or confirmation, provide the right password).

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error of can apply with most versions of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. On this article, we guide you on the Windows 7 operating system. Do the same with other operating systems.

Wish you success!


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