Internet Explorer - Fix error that browser block PDF files

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Some computers use Internet Explorer as the default Web browser. However, when you download a PDF file from Internet to the computer, IE stops suddenly. That is because IE blocks PDF files. will guide you the way to overcome this situation

Internet Explorer has become the first choice of many people in the world to browse Websites for a long time. However, for some reasons, when you download a PDF document, IE often stops suddenly. This annoys you and you must use other Web browsers like Chrome or Firefox to be able to download PDF files.

This incident can be due to parameters set up on the browser to use PDF reading software like Acrobat or Adobe Reader, especially Adobe Reader 10. Like saving images just in BMP format, blocking PDF files of IE just can be detected when you use it.


There are 2 methods to solve this situation:
Method 1: "IE blocks PDF files" just happens if the computer uses Adobe Reader 10 and earlier. To troubleshoot this problem, you can set up as the guidance above or download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.
Method 2: Follow guidance below:
Step 1: Close Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Open Acrobat or Adobe Reader

On the toolbar, click Edit -->Preferences (or press Ctrl + K to open this option).

Step 3: The Preferences window appears, select Internet on the left list.

On the right window, uncheck "Display PDF in Browser" and click OK to save settings.

Step 4: Restart Internet Explorer.

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