Internet Explorer - How to fix error "Internet Explorer has stopped working"

By Laura

Internet Explorer is set as the default browser on the computer by many users all over the world. However, recently lots of computers often receive the notification that "Internet Explorer has stopped working". will give you the tip to fix this error.

Today, together with the introduction of different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, but Internet Explorer is still the first choice of many people in the world because this is the default browser of Windows operating system.

Like other Web browsers, IE also often encounters the "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error. There are many ways to overcome this situation. This article will post all solutions so that you can choose a suitable one.


Method 1: Reset parameters in IE to the default settings.

- Close IE. click Start Menu, then type Internet Options in the Search Programs and Files section, then open Internet Options.

- In the Internet Options window, select the Advanced Tab --->Reset --->OK

At this time, IE is set to the default status, restart IE and use.

Method 2: Closing services of Microsoft can affect the operation of IE.

- Close IE. click Start Menu, then type msconfig in the Search Programs and Files section, then open msconfig. In the System Configuration window

* On General tab, uncheck Load startup items in the Selective Startup section

* On Services Tab, Click Hide all Microsoft services to display all services of Microsoft.

Click Disable --->OK to save settings.

- Restart the computer and use IE normally.

Method 3: Disable protection features of IE.

- Open IE, press Alt on the keyboard to display the toolbar of IE, selectTool -->Internet Options

In the Internet Options window, select the Security tab--> uncheck Enable Protection Mode --> Click OK to close the window.

Restart Internet Explorer.

Method 4: Remove Add-ons of other software installed on IE manually.

You should remove Add-ons accompanied with software installed on the computer so that IE can run best. The add-ons which are not compatible with IE the most include Skype. Hence, if you install Skype on the computer, you should remove the Add-on of Skype for IE.

Method 5: About how to disable Add-ons on the computer, guided you through the article on how to fix the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error.

Method 6: Delete unnecessary toolbars on the browser.

If you accidentally download a certain toolbar or some toolbars are downloaded from websites you accessed, you should remove them from the browser.

Method 7: Remove IE from the computer and reinstall the browser.

If all methods above do not solve the "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error, you should uninstall this browser and reinstall it (download the latest version of Internet Explorer here).

Wish you success!

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