iTunes and iTools, which software is better?

By Laura

iTunes and iTools a utilities that runs on Apple's operating system (Mac and iOS) and Windows. However, while iTunes is a tool developed by Apple officially, iTools is a tool created by Chinese. With two useful features brought by these tools, you wonder which one to choose. will make a comparison to know which software iTools to iTunes should be used to sync data on iOS.

iTunes and iTools, which software is better?

Release time: iTunes was born on 28.04.2003 and 8 years later, iTools was launched in 2011

Ability to work:

- ITools and iTunes are compatible with most operating system and they can sync data with computer and iDevice.

- ITunes will delete all "illegal applications", disqualified file format (not compatible with iDevice) in the synchronization process. Conversely, iTools is capable to sync jailbroken devices, automatically convert file formats for compatibility with iDevice in the synchronization process, not delete illegal applications.

- It is more difficult to delete file on ITunes than on iTools. If iTools can delete file directly, iTunes needs to access the library, finds the file and deletes it.  

Working speed:

- ITunes is larger than iTools many times (42.5 times) thus it consumes more resources of the OS.

- ITools is faster and occupies less system resources

Copyright: iTunes and iTools are freeware. However, when using iTunes, users need to log in to their icloud account which iTools does not require.


- ITunes has a library-style interface, does not support for dragging and dropping files, it is difficult for new users.  

- ITool has a window-style interface, support for dragging and dropping files, it is very user-friendly

Popularity: All iDevice are installed iTunes and lots of users use this app instead of iTools, thus it is more popular than iTools.


With the better flexibility than iTunes, I think you should not hesitate when choosing iTools to manage data and application for your iDevice instead of using iTunes, especially, lots of user are using illegal applications.

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iTunes and iTools


iTools or use iTunes


use iTunes or iTools


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