iTunes - Cut song to create ringtones simply

By Helen Nguyen

You have used marimba ringtone for too long and you want to change it into the latest ringtones for your mobile phone. iTunes will help you do that.

You want you phone to have the latest ringtone when someone calls you, or you want to create a personality for your mobile phone. You wonder how to do it, because you are not professional  and you do not know how to use software to cut tracks from a song?

It will no longer be your concern because I can be sure that iTunes can help you do that, you just need to read and follow the instruction below.  

iTunes - Cut song to create ringtones simply

Step 1: Choose a favorite song as your ringtone

Open iTunes and select a song that you want to use. Then select getInfo

Step 2: Change the length of the music

After you have selected GetInfo, choose Option and adjust the starting time and ending time of the song. After that, click OK, this will be the finished track.

Step 3: Next, you will create the AAC version of the song

After you have successfully processed, go back to iTunes and choose Create AAC Version

Now, a new song will appear under the original song you have chosen and this is the result that you have just cut above.

Here you can easily find that the duration of two song are different, which is the duration of the original song and the edited track.

Step 4: Convert to ringtone

Click on the track that you have just cut and choose Show in Finder to open the containing folder and select the file with the extension as m4a.

Next, change m4a to m4r, now the interface will appear, select Use m4r

Step 5: Delete the AAC version

Go back to iTunes and right click on the ACC version that is created in step 3 and delete from the library.

Step 6: After everything is done, reconnect to your iTunes, click Sync Ringtones to add ringtones to your phone. Finally, use your iPhone to select the ringtone you have just created.

In this article, I have showed you how to create and cut ringtones by iTunes, hopefully, you will have the  latest and nicest ringtones in your own style.

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