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You usually use iTunes to manage audio files on iOS. However, one day when you access the utility, "iTunes has stopped working" error is reported. It is very simple to fix this error, let’s follow the below article from!

Recently, many people wonder why they are unable to access iTunes as before and often receive "iTunes has stopped working" report. This is a common problem, but users may be confused if they have never encountered it before.

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Causes and solutions to fix "iTunes has stopped working" error

* Cause 1: QTMovieWin.dll file is missing from the computer
Step 1: Search on the Internet and download "QTMovieWin.dll" file to the computer (or users can download QTMovieWin.dll here
Step 2: Copy QTMovieWin.dll file and put it in iTunes setup folder.
- Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support
- Windows XP: C: \ Program Files\ iTunes
* Cause 2: Conflict with QuickTime software
If user’s computer installs QuickTime video player, the user needs to disable Direct3D function of QuickTime because this function may conflict with iTunes
Step 1: Open QuickTime, on the toolbar, click Edit -->Preferences --> QuickTime Preferences


Step 2: QuickTime Preferences dialogue box opens, select Advanced tab and remove the tick in Enable Direct3D video acceleration -->OK to save the settings.

Exit QuickTime program and restart the computer and access iTunes to watch a video or a song.
* Cause 3: iTunes uses an incompatible language with the computer’s operating system.
Step 1: Open iTunes -->Preferences (or use Ctrl +, key combination)

Step 2: Preferences dialogue box opens, select General tab --> Language to change to a suitable language.
Click OK to save the settings.

Conclusion: These are three main causes of "iTunes has stopped working" error, depending on each specific case, users can apply a solution to their computer.
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Wish you success!

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