iTunes – Handle "Unknown error occurred (0xE8000012)" error

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"Unknown error occurred (0xE8000012)" error of iTunes is quite a common error which occurs during the process of upgrading a new iOS version for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If encountering this problem, users can follow the below article from

iTunes is a software which enables the computer to directly connect to devices using iOS operating system. However, whenever users reset the computer, reinstall iTunes or upgrade a new version for their iOS devices, they often encounter "Unknown error occurred (0xE8000012)" error.

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Fix Unknown error occurred (0xE8000012) error of iTunes

Step 1: Break all connections from the computer with iOS devices. Exit iTunes.
Step 2: Open My Computer -->Folder Options
* Windows XP: Open Windows Explorer (or open My Computer), on the toolbar, click Tools -->Folder Options


* Windows 7: Open Windows Explorer -->Organize -->Folder and search options

Step 3: Folder Options windows opens -->View --> tick "Show hidden files and folders" to display hidden files and folders on the computer.
Click OK

Step 4: Access C:\ProgramData\Apple directory and remove Lockdown folder.

After performing all the above steps, users only need to connect to iOS devices and reopen iTunes. Use iTunes to copy music to iPad directly from the computer.

Wish you success!

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