Jailbreak, Cydia. Guide to use Cydia on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

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Have you heard about Jailbreak, Cydia on iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices? Let’s study about it in the following post.

Apple's app store AppStore already meet most of the needs of users of iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. But to be able to get things apart AppStore, users have to use a 3rd party that Cydia. Provided that you have the Jailbreak of iOS. What is Jailbreak and Cydia. So let's study about them :

Jailbreak, Cydia. Guide to use Cydia on iOS ( iPhone, iPad ).

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a form that users use software to interfere into system devices using the iOS operating system, for additional installation, replace the default Apple apps on iOS. Depending on the type of machine and each version of iOS that users use different copies Jailbreak.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is an application store to use independent, not related to the Apple AppStore exclusively for devices using iOS has been jailbroken.

Cydia can help you download and install applications related to machine interface, useful features spectacular effects or not in Apple's AppStore on your device

Guide to use Cydia on iOS

Cydia will be automatically installed on your iOS device when you proceed to jailbreak them.

After you have Cydia on the machine from which you can install many AppStore apps that do not provide, in addition there are a few apps you have on the new Cydia Add Source can download (such as http://cydia.vn or http://cydia.heaveniphone.com).

Then you can easily install, remove or add applications by clicking on the Source Cydia Cydia icon and follow the instructions. You need to carefully explore applications that suit your iOS is used or not, to avoid crashes or damage your device.

So over here, then you already understand the part about using Cydia and Cydia on your iOS devices. You can also learn some useful information to the user than iOS is perfect.

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