KMPlayer - Fix error " Access Violation at address..."

By Laura

Your KMPlayer is running normally, but suddenly you can not access the utility as normal, but it displays the notification that "Access Violation at address .... in module 'KMPlayer.exe'. Read of address ...". will guide you how to troubleshoot this situation.

You cannot use KMPlayer as before. Whenever you access the utility, it displays the error that "Access Violation at address .... in module 'kmplayer.exe'. Read of address ...", this means your computer can not access KMPlayer. Although you have applied all methods, even installing KMPlayer again and again, you can not use KMPlayer.

To solve this problem, will guide you the simplest manipulations to return KMPlayer to normal operation.


There are 2 methods to solve this situation:

Method 1: Right click on the KMPlayer icon on Desktop, then select Properties.

- Select the Compatibility tab, tick on Run this program in compatibility mode for to run the program in the compatibility mode. Depend on the operating system you are using to make the right choice. Here is using Windows 7; Hence, we will select Windows 7.

Click Apply to preview changes, then if you see KMPlayer running normally, click OK to save settings.

Method 2: Go to the path which is C:\Program Files\The KMPlayer\PlugIns, search and delete "gen_ml " files ( delete 3 files in all), or you can move those files to the other folder to avoid deleting mistakenly.

After deleting all files, re-open KMPlayer. If you can not open KMPlayer and often receive the notification that "Access Violation at address .... in module 'kmplayer.exe'. Read of address ...", it is because gen_ml files are not accessed.

You can use one of 2 methods above depending on specific cases. Or you can apply each method to choose the most optimal solution for your computer.

Wish you success!

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KMPlayer encounters "Access Violation at address"


"Access Violation at address" error

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