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By Laura

Foreign movies, music videos are inserted with Foreign movies, music videos are inserted with subtitles so that viewers can understand contents Videos want to

KMPlayer helps you watch Videos in different formats, even videos having subtitles and high-quality ones. Besides entertainment features like listening to music, watching movies, KMPlayer also allows you to resize video subtitles to suit your eyes.

On this article, will guide you the way to do this. Note: KMPlayer just can change Videos having removable subtitles ( means 1 video file and 1 subtitle file), not Videos having the fixed subtitles (means subtitles are existing).


Step 1: Run KMPlayer and open the Video you want to watch.
Step 2: To resize subtitles of Videos, you just need right click on any position on the interface of KMPlayer.

A dialog box will appear, select Subtitles to resize subtitles. From Subtitles, choose one of options at the end of the box:

Font Size Increase (Alt+F1): Increase the font size
- Font Size Decrease (Alt+F2): Decrease the font size
Font Size Reset (Alt+F3): Use this mode to return to the default font size.


The size of Video subtitles before and after it is changed :


Thanks to this feature, your eyes will accommodate better when you do not have to watch Videos having too small or too large fonts.

Wish you success!


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