Make any Android become Samsung Galaxy S5

By Laura

Samsung Galaxy S5 was released with many new features and unique. So to use the top applications while not eligible to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S5 is there is not. Let us explore this mystery offline.

These new features are built on the Samsung Galaxy S5 for dream for many people. However, to experience you have in hand just 1 phone running Android OS medium only.

We will introduce readers to the four existing features on the Samsung Galaxy S5 that we can use 3rd via software to solve problems.

1. Heartbeat sensor

Heartbeat sensor is a new feature and most prominent on Samsung Galaxy S5. This feature helps you understand more about your body and can make their own judgments quickly health the most

On Samsung Galaxy S5, Heartbeat sensors are located under the back camera. To make measuring your Heartbeat, you only need to access the application in the menu S Health, then place your finger on the sensor placed under the front camera and wait for a few seconds. The system will calculate and return the results to you with high speed and accuracy.

If you want your Android device that owns the operation and implementation of this measure Heartbeat, you use a free app called Runtastic Runtastic Heart Rate for Android. This application also uses the camera to measure Heartbeat and after test results showed no difference compared with the dedicated sensors on S5.

You can download Runtastic Heart Rate for Android for free here

2. Camera Selective Focus (focus later)

Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with the ability to focus when taking pictures. This interesting feature helps you not to focus squirming before taking pictures again.

Recently, Google Camera app for Google's new Android debut for devices running Android 4.4 or higher also possesses similar capabilities. So you can use this application to create beautiful images, similar to that generated by S5.

You can download  Google Camera for Android for free here

3. Private Mode (Privacy)

Users navigate to the line Smartphone to be able to work mobile, storage information, important personal documents. So that always security concerns of all user devices. That's one reason why Samsung decided to feature a new Private Mode for his latest blockbuster. This feature allows users to hide specific content to people outside can not see. To view the data, you will have to enter a password or use a fingerprint scanner, pin code.

If you are using other Android devices, you can use an application for a similar capability called Lock App for android. This is an application that is being offered completely free of charge, allowing you to protect specific folders. You will also have to use a password to open them. You can choose to lock the data over time or folders, hidden images, video... In addition, the application also has different modes for guests, children...

You can download App Lock for android for free here

4. Kids Mode

Windows Phone is not to be outdone, Samsung has immediate additional features on Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode allows parents to create an environment dedicated and restrictions on equipment. As a result, the baby may only use applications and features that parents want, even when no direct control of them.

You can use the same application for Android called Kids Mode by Zoodles is produced on other Android devices. This application has the ability to offer games and content appropriate for young children, and also allows you to set the user profile private, limited access to any application that they feel does not fit

You can download Kids Mode for Android for free here

So with the free software that you can turn midrange products on hand have be a unique new feature on the latest products on the market. What are you waiting that you do not download and install the application

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Make any Android become Samsung Galaxy S5


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