Methods to save laptop battery on Windows 7

By Laura

You do not want to charge Laptop battery much when working without worrying about your laptop running out of battery. The following article will teach you how to save laptop battery on Windows 7.

Methods to save laptop battery on Windows 7

1. Reduce the screen brightness to a suitable level

- Right-click the battery icon in the corner of the screen, select More power options

- Reduce the brightness by dragging the bar

2. Turn off unnecessary applications running automatically with startup that will make the system boot more slowly.

- Click Start button (Window), type Search program and files Run and Enter, Run window appears, type msconfig, and press Enter.

- System configuration appears, select Startup and turn off unnecessary applications running automatically by untick them and restart the computer.

3. Remove unnecessary peripherals from your computer such as USB, portable hard drives, cooling fan, mouse, etc.

4. Try not to use CD, DVD

5. Decrease the resolution, lower resolution consumes less power than higher resolution:

- Right-click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution

- The table appears, you can change the resolution in Resolution

6. Disable wifi when it is not in use

7. Leave your laptop in a well ventilated, cool area to limit the operation of the cooling fan

8. Disable Aero in Windows 7

- Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize

- The table appears, select Window Color Sky

- Uncheck Enable transparency

9. Defragment your hard drive regularly

- Click Start, type search programs and files: disk defragmenter and enter

- Disk defragmenter appears, click Configure schedule

Select date, time, frequency, select the drive and OK

Following this instruction will save your laptop battery. Now your laptop battery consumption is much lower than before.

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