Mozilla Firefox 25 challenges every browser

By Laura

After the success of Firefox 24, Mozilla - a famous software producer launched version 25 with lots of new features, the fast speed and the greater security compared to old versions.

Mozilla Firefox 24 is improved with features such as closing Tab quickly, toggling between facebook chat dialog boxes, calling and chatting on Android. And now Mozilla Firefox 25 modifies inside components and is written in XUL language; Hence, it is compatible with all platforms. Firefox 25 improves all problems related to RAM, runs much more stably and focuses on improving XUL to archive data in SQLite better.

Mozilla Firefox

With Firefox 25, you will not be annoyed by pop-up ads when surfing the Web. Furthermore, Firefox develops the Web browsing mode for "stranger". It allows other people to use your computer except accessing your bookmarks and your Web browsing history.
 Mixed content blocker feature is also integrated to restrict and avoid malicious Websites and files containing threats like Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spyware or Rootkit.



- Not share Tabs on the search bar as before
- Not lose the browsing history after closing the browser
- Have more functions in ES6
- Be written on CSS3 platform
- Develop the Web browsing mode for stranger
- Browse Websites safely with Mixed content blocker feature

You can download Mozilla Firefox 25 with options below :
- Dowload Mozilla Firefox 25 in Vietnamese version here
- Dowload Mozilla Firefox 25 in English version here

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Mozilla Firefox 25


 Firefox 25


 latest version of Mozilla Firefox

, Firefox version 25 version 25 of Firefox launch Mozilla Firefox 25 introduce Firefox 25 new points in Firefox 25 outstanding features of Firefox 25.

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