MyPublicWiFi - How to generate Wifi on Laptop

By Laura

As you know, MyPublicWiFi software can share WiFi by turning Laptop into a WiFi transmitter. However, not everyone knows how to use this utility, especially in transmitting Wi-Fi, will guide you how to transmit Wifi on laptop with this utility.

If in the previous article, showed you how transmit  Wi-Fi by Connectify, however, this software has too many annoying advertisements. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to transmit wifi on laptop when using MyPublicWiFi.

Step 1: Open MyPublicWiFi by clicking the icon located on your desktop (if during the installation process, you agree to put this gadget on the desktop).

Or, search by typing "MyPublicWiFi" in Search Programs and Files of Start Menu, click MyPublicWiFi in Programs.
Step 2: On the MyPublicWiFi’s interface, fill specifications in Settings.
- Network name (SSID): The name Wi-Fi hotspot
- Network Key: Wifi password (if you want to set password to prevent some people from automatically connecting to your wireless network without permission). Note: passwords is more than 8 characters.
- Enable Internet Sharing: Choose network sharing protocol

Step 3: Click Set Up and Start Hotspot to share Wifi, the program will automatically load until it automatically switches to Stop hotspot which means Wi-Fi transmitting is complete.

Conclusion: With 3 simple steps, you can turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi transmitters without having to spend a considerable amount of money to equip a wifi devices.

Wish you success!

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