Online image collage simply, beautifully and uniquely

By Laura

Online mosaicking is widely used to create unique images, interesting memories to save or make meaningful gifts to friends, ... With the help of online tools Collage your hand easily create beautiful photos anywhere without having to install software on your computer.

No need to use any other software, you can create unique photos, cute, ... by mosaicking tools online. The reality appears pretty much your site integration support, photo editing. And is a tool in the Best Online Photo Collage, many users use. The following article, will guide you how to collage with Photovisi

Online image collage simply, beautifully and uniquely

Step 1: Go to the home page Photovisi

Step 2: To create a photo collage, click Start Creating

Step 3: On the left of the screen is the available collage frames, just choose one style that you like to apply to your image.

Note: Such frames having lock icon requires you to register in order to use the, (the web pages supports for using Facebook account).

Step 4: Insert image into frames by clicking on a frame that you have selected.

In the next window, click Add photos to select the photos you want to add.

A pop-up window appears allowing you to select the images on your computer (Add photos from computer) or add a photo taken directly from a Webcam (Add photos from webcam).

Step 5: In each picture, to avoid monotony for the photo, Photovisi allows you to:

- Add Shapes: More funny pictures in the frame (these shapes corresponds to each pattern)

- Change background: Change the background image for the frame (corresponding to each different sample wallpaper). Click a wallpaper, that wallpaper will be automatically added to the file or click Add background from a computer.

- Add Text: Add annotations to the image file, you can optionally select the font and font color. Click Add text to collage to add annotations.

Note: while adding these extra details, you can freely adjust the position of every detail, including the location of the pictures, by holding the mouse in any detail and move to a different location on the image.

Furthermore, Photovisi offer lots of photo editing tools such as crop (Crop items), delete pictures (Delete items), change the position of the image to the front (Items to front) or change it to the back (Items to back).

Step 6: After you have created a desired picture, click Finish on the top to save the newly created collage.

In the process of saving the image, you can optionally choose their size in Size -> click Continue

The image creating process completes, select Click here to download this collage to download the created image to your computer.

And hereis the collage that has successfully created.

We have guided you how to merge photos by online With this approach, you can create unique photos anywhere. Additionally, you can search and download available image collage software on

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