PDF reader on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

By Helen Nguyen

You need to read or edit the PDF file and send email on the iPhone or iPad but do not know how to use appropriate application, the following article will help you choose and use the most appropriate applications.

The PDF file becomes very popular with those who use them because of high security, clear display mode and quickly, easily to share with friends via social networks. Here I would like to introduce you to some of the best applications that are used to read PDF files on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) .

PDF reader on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

1. iBooks for iOS.

iBooks for iOS is an application provided by Apple, which helps the users can download and read the different document types including PDF format. In addition, this application also allows users to bookmark pages read, create prints, create notes or share them with friends through popular social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter....

You can download iBooks for iOS for free here

2. Adobe Reader for iOS.

Adobe Reader for iOS is an application provided by Abobe, too qen firms belonging to computer users with the ability to read and edit PDF files.

With Adobe Reader for iOS app helps users to view PDF documents on an iPhone and iPad quickly and accurately, users can easily zoom in or zoom out his text with a sport effects. In addition, the application can help you bookmark the page read, print the document from your device or attach to email....

You can download Adobe Reader for iOS for free here

3. Smart PDF Viewer for iOS.

Smart PDF Viewer for iOS is an application that helps users to manage PDF files on their mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad easily, where you can download and read any of the documents with PDF format. You can zoom in, zoom out or you can view any page of text quickly.....

You can go here to download the application Smart PDF Viewer for iOS for free

4. Foxit Mobile PDF Lite for iOS.

Foxit Mobile PDF Lite for iOS is an application that enables you to view PDF files on mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad easily and quickly display, clear. This application is provided free of charge to users with more features, you can make notes on the PDF file that quickly.

You can go here to download Foxit Mobile PDF Lite for iOS  for free

5. PDF Distributor for iOS.

PDF Distributor for iOS with external functions to read the PDF file application can help you share documents securely and confidential

You can download PDF Distributor for iOS for free here

Above are many applications that are used to manage, read, edit and share PDF files easily and quickly. Please install one in five above applications on iOS devices will be more useful for your daily work.

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PDF reader on iOS


PDF reader on iPhone


PDF reader on iPad


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