Photoshop - Create lava text

By Laura

Using Adobe Photoshop will help you create not only beautiful photos but also unique text effects. The following article will guide you how to create lava text effects in Photoshop.

There are various ways to create text effects by Photoshop. However, to capture all best ways to create text effects are not easy. One of them is to create lava text.

Photoshop - Create lava text

First, in order to get lava effect, you need to have a pattern of lava. To do this, look for a lava image, such as this one.

Then open the image in Photoshop, go to Edit/Define Pattern, name it and click OK.
And let’s begin!
Step 1: Create a new page in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) in size of 500x500px, resolution of 300 dpi, black background. Use type tool (T) to insert any text and set as in the image. Here I enter Betdownload.

Step 2: Right-click the layer (Betdownload) and select Blending Opition, click Color Overlay and select color # 232323.

-Go to Inner Glow, select color # faeaac as in the image.

- Go to Inner Shadow, # 000000 and select as in the image.

- In Stroke, set as in the image.

1. Color # fb830e
2. Color # d43a20
3. Opacity 0 %

- Go to Bevel & Emboss and set as in the image.

1. Color # fa2a0f

2. Color # 191 614

In Texture, select the created pattern in the early of this article  and set as in the image.

The result is shown as below:

Step 3: Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer. Right-click the new layer (Betdownload copy) and select Clear Style Layer.

Then go to Blending Option and set as follows:

At Inner Shadow, select color # f28672

At the Inner glow, select # fcfcfc

In Bevel & Emboss, select color # 000000 at 1 and 2.

The result is shown as below: has guided you how to create lava effects in Photoshop. You can take a look at other articles such as Creating curved text effect, emboss effect, flame effect, ect.



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