Photoshop - Delete letter, text on image

By Laura

One of the features of Photoshop which is favorite by lots of users is deleting objects without losing background. Have you already known this feature?

From the version CS5 and beyond, Photoshop provides additional Content - Aware, thus users can  delete an object and unwanted text from images easily without losing the background. This function makes it easy for even amateur users. This article will guide you hwo to use Content – Aware in Photoshop to remove text on the image.

Photoshop - Delete letter, text on image

Now, we will try deleting word on this photo.

Step 1: First, open the image in Photoshop. Then press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer and delete the word on the duplicated layer.

Then select the text that needs to be deleted. Here I am using Magic Wand Tool to quickly select area. Press Z or select Zoom tool to zoom, which makes the selection easier.

Step 2: Go to Edit/Fill or press Shift + F5 to open Fill dialog box and click OK to execute Content - Aware.

After finishing, the text on the picture is almost deleted.

Step 3: Now, to completely delete the text from the image, use Healing Brush tool.

That is pretty simple, just drag the mouse to the similar position where you want to delete, then

- Press Alt + left mouse to select the area

- Drag the mouse to the position and click, the program will delete that area.

You can also delete text quickly by using SpotHealing Brush tool, just drag the mouse  to the postion that needs to be deleted and click. This method is applied to simple area that does not have too many details.

Do the same with other positions. The results are obtained as below:

Thus, we have introduced to you how to delete text on photos by using Photoshop. Hopefully, these tips will be useful for you. In addition, CS has various unique features that you may not know, please follow later articles to gain more experience.

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