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Using Adobe Photoshop not only helps you create beautiful images but also helps you create banners for a website that you have created. The below article will introduce to you another Photoshop tip which is the method to create blurring text on images.

A beautiful image is not only beautiful thanks to harmonized color but also thanks to the inserted text. There are many methods to create text effects right on Photoshop, a well-known graphics software, but it is not simple to master all the methods to create these text effects. One of the text effect which is widely used is blurring text.

Create blurring text on image with Photoshop
Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop, select an image file to insert Text.
Create a new image file by clicking File -->New (or use Ctrl + N key combination)

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Name the image file and select the height, width and background color -->OK

Adobe Photoshop

Step 2: Use Text tool (T shortcut key) to create a text file on the image that has been created with optional font style, size and color.

Step 3: Select the text file that has been created, on Layer toolbar-->New -->Layer via Copy (or use Ctrl + J key combination) to duplicate text file.

To check whether the text file has been duplicated or not, you only need to see in Layer frame on the left of the screen, at this time, Layer Text copy has appears on Layer frame.

Step 4: Select Layer Text Copy, click Filter -->Blur -->Motion Blur

Step 5: Adjust the blurring level for text file in Distance section (you can automatically change the blurring level until attaining your expected blurring level).
In the process of adjusting blurring level, you can preview the blurring level of text file directly on the original image so that you can know the most appropriate blurring level.
Click OK to save the settings.

OK, it is done, click Ctrl + Shift + E key combination to merge the 2 text layers with the original image and save.
This is the image file that has created.

With this article, has instructed you on a complete new image file and you only need to do the same on your expected images.
In addition to Adobe Photoshop, there are many other image editors available on

Wish you success!

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