Play music as desired in ProShow Producer

By Laura

ProShow Producer is a program that helps you create video clips. Especially, the software provides a feature that allows you to playback tracks in ProShow Producer, have you already known how to do this yet?

To capture memories with images by creating videos in ProShow Producer, you can also use music as you like to make your video more vivid. will guide you how to play music in ProShow Producer as desired.

Play music as desired in ProShow Producer

Option 1: On”Show Options”, soundtrack appears. You will see the song in your clips with to its playing period.

- In the Track settings:

In Offset: depends on the time to play the song in the clip. In this example, I chose 10 seconds. That ismeans after the clip is played for 10 seconds, you can enjoy the inserted songs in the clip.

- Then look at Show Option at the bottom of the left corner and click OK.

Option 2: After downloading and inserting the song, choose ”Timeline"

- On Soundtrack displayed as a chart, you can see that there are two lines on the chart. A line is runtime and a line is for you to customize the song’s time.

- Click on the chart and press and hold the Ctrl key, on the chart, there is a yellow line.

- Hold Ctrl and move to the starting time of the song

Finally, click play in preview window to view the result.

We have guided you how to play music in ProShow Producer, so you can enjoy your edited video clip.


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how to play music in Proshow Producer


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