Prevent Facebook from sending notification to registered Email

By Laura

You do not want to receive notifications from Facebook. Let’s follow the below steps provided by to successfully prevent Facebook from sending these notifications to your computer.

Facebook can automatically send notifications to your registered Email. This makes you unable to access Email to serve your work regularly because these notifications continuously replace for your new Email. Let’s reset Facebook to prevent this annoying problem.

Prevent Facebook from sending notifications
Step 1: Access and log in Facebook account
Step 2: Click setting icon -->Account Settings

Step 3: Select Notifications section on the left of the screen, on the right frame -->Edit in Email section

Step 4: In Email section, there are 3 main options:
- All notifications ...: Receive all notifications in registered Email.
- Important notifications...: Receive notifications except for those you have removed to follow (this is a default setting of Facebook).
- Only notifications...: Only receive information about the account, security and privacy settings.

Depending on your demand, you can select one of these options to apply to your Facebook account.

Thus, you have finished establishing a mode to prevent Facebook from sending to many notifications to your Email.
In addition, you can install more Facebook supporting utilities from

Wish you success!

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