ProShow Producer – Guide to type Vietnamese in Video

By Laura

ProShow Producer brings you many useful features, helping create Video from photos with a unique effect store. Also, you can type Vietnamese on the slide in ProShow Producer to make video more attractive and lively.

Have you known how to type letters with marks in ProShow Producer Slide? In the following article, will guide you how to insert Vietnamese text into videos, let’s follow us to know how.


Step 1: You need to download and install Unikey on your computer (not use Vietkey because it often has error).

Note: If your computer uses Windows 7 operating system, you should use Unikey 4.0 RC2 version upward because the lower version often has conflict.

- Adjust Unikey as follows:

Step 2: Start ProShow Producer. On the program’s window, click File --> Open and select video needing to be inserted Vietnamese in the software’s interface.

Step 3: To insert text into the image slide, you need to double lick the slide.

Step 4: Type the content into slide. A window appears, select CAPTIONS on the toolbar, and then select “+”

- Select caption text window is displayed for you to type the content.

- You need to set up font: In Font folder, select VNI-Times.

- Select size and color in Size and Color, bold type or italic type and change the position of text freely: move up, down, italic, etc.

- Click OK to complete.

- View result in Preview window

Use ProShow Producer to create video from image easily, you can perform similar tasks with other slides to create a complete video.

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Type Vietnamese in ProShow Producer


type letters with marks in ProShow Producer


insert Vietnamese text in ProShow Producer


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