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By Laura

As you may know, after using the computer for a long period, your computer will be slow and sluggish when starting applications, etc., reducing your work performance.

Here are some main causes which lead to the slow operation of the computer and solutions for them to optimize the computer’s performance.


First cause: Anti-virus softwares slow the computer.

The more effective anti-virus software is, the slower the computer is as the anti-virus program needs to deeply intervene into the computer system, resulting in the above situation.

To overcome this problem, you are recommended to use more lightweight anti-virus softwares such as Avast Free Antivirus, Kaspersky or Bkav, etc. instead of heavyweight softwares such as Norton Anti Virus or Mcafee, etc.

Second cause: Your computer installs too many programs with unreasonable usage.

You should check your computer regularly to detect unused programs and remove them to make your computer work more effectively.


Step 1: Click Start/Control Panel.

Step 2: Click to select Program and Features to remove unnecessary programs.

Third cause 3: Your hard drives are fragmented.

During the process of moving data from one partition to another partition, or removing applications, your hard drives may be fragmented.


To minimize this problem, you need to regularly use programs to check whether hard drives are fragmented or not. If they are fragmented, you need to handle it immediately to facilitate the data reading and recording on hard drives quickly and avoid losing data. You can refer to some defragmentation programs that we have introduced to you.
Fourth cause: The operation of the computer may create many junk files.

Third cause 4:

You should use specialized programs to remove junk files to make your computer work more stably and raise its lifespan. Now, I will introduce to you a specialized software for removing softwares which are installed on the computer; removing junk files; and optimizing programs starting along with Windows. It is Your Unintaller 2008 Pro.

After downloading, installing and starting, the interface of the program will be as follows:

Step 1: In the first tag, you can remove unnecessary programs by double clicking the program needing to be removed.

Step 2: In the second tag: You can remove programs starting along with Windows. You only need to tick them and click Apply.

Step 3: In the third tag 3: Click “Scan”, the program will scan junk files which are generated during the operation of the computer. Next, click “Delete All” to remove all these junk files from the computer.

Hope that this software will help you raise the lifespan and work speed for your computer.

In addition, after using the computer for a certain period, you should remove the cover of case to clean inside equipments and put the computer in a dry and airy place to raise the lifespan and work speed of the computer.
Above are the main causes slowing the computer’s speed. You can use the above recommended solutions to improve your computer’s performance. In addition, you should equip yourself with tools for maintaining your computer periodically from betdownload.com

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