Recover Data Recovery with GetDataBack

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Sometimes, computer users accidentally delete important data. If lucky, they can get back from the Recycle Bin, but not always do that. And the savior for the right moment that is GetDataBack Recovery

GetDataBack Recovery is a utility that helps you retrieve the important data that you've deleted or even formatted the hard drive or the wrong ghost .... It's so amazing? Follow the tips below to learn how to save your important data.

Recover Data Recovery with GetDataBack

Recovery With GetDataBack supports 2 hard drives formatted as NTFS and FAT. (Here I use the guide also NTSF format, with FAT format used in a similar way).

Once downloaded, installed on your computer and launch the program and then follow these steps:

Step 1: At the program's main interface, click I want to recover delete files, then click Next to continue.

Step 2: Selecting the disk partition containing data files need to restore, then click Next to continue.

Step 3: Click Next to continue.

Step 4: After running, the program will list the files were deleted data on the selected partition.

Find Data Files needed to get back, then right-click and select Copy .. or press F5 to copy.

Step 5: Locate where to save and then click OK

The location to save the file will be restored

Note: To avoid affecting data loss or unrecoverable, you should choose one different partition with that file deleted partition, for example, need to retrieve data on drive D:, when taken back Keep in drive C or E, if the important data you should use 1 more new storage devices such as USB, portable hard drive or another hard drive to store 1recovery data, thus ensuring safety of data to help speed the recovery process has recovered faster due to read and write independently on two different devices. This note applies to all data recovery software.

Why should we use other storage device to store the recovery file?

The data that you can use software to restore because the operating system just "marked" as deleted on your hard drive that have not been deleted permanently at the physical level so that the recovery software will search for this file and allows users to restore it, but if in the recovery process to recover the files (assuming that file A) overwritten on disk space that contains the file you want to restore other (assuming file B) (the OS understand the marked area can erase recorded files). If this happens, after file recovery software is a position it finds the file B to recover but in reality this address A file is now recovered, so file B will be lost permanently . Therefore, as stated, you should use the other storage device to store files need to recovery.

Once completed you exit the program and check the data that the program was restored.

With GetDataBack Recovery you can easily recovery the lost data. In addition, many other data recovery softwares are good or you can find them right on


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