Recover data with Active Partion Recovery

By Laura

The data stored on your hard drive may be lost due to various reasons, for example, users accidentally delete or virus makes data loss, ect.

Data in your computer is lost, the question is how to retrieve the lost data? would like to introduce to you a specialized software to restore lost data: Active Partion Recovery.

Recover data with Active Partion Recovery

After downloading, install on your computer and launch the program, follow these steps to regain lost data (If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of Active Partion Recovery here).

Step 1: From the main interface of the program, click Quick Scan. The program will scan entirely your hard drive.

(Note: The program also has Super Scan, just select this option if Quick Scan does not show results, because Super Scan takes a lot of time).

Step 2: After scanning, check which data has been lost and select that data. Then, restore data by clicking Recover, the program will get back to you what you lost.

(Note: You can pause the program if it already finds the lost data, no need to finish the whole process).

This article has guided you how to recover lost data by Active Partion Recovery. Hopefully, this little trick can help you find important data efficiently.

Wish you success!


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