Reduce size of images by FILEminimizer Pictures

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You want to compress image files or minimize the image size to fit your needs. FILEminimizer Pictures is the solution for you in this case. Have you experienced with this software yet?

Have you known how to minimize image size by FILEminimizer Pictures? Follow the article below to know how to compress images and resize photo.

Reduce size of images by FILEminimizer Pictures

Step 1: Download and install the software.

- You candownloadthe latest version of FILEminimizerPictures to use.

- Installation: it is quite simple, just follow these instructions

Step 2: Run the program. On the main interface of the software, click Open Files (or select Open Files in Tasks) to open the image file that need to be resized.

Step 3: Open window appears, select the path to the image file and click on the photo that needs to be resized. Click Open to open image

- Then, the selected image will be displayed in the program’s interface. You can also add more images to resize many photos at once by Click Add to List. If you want to delete files in the list, click Remove from List.

Step 4: Click Optimize Files on programs (or on Tasks) to begin the process

Step 5: The process ends.

On the program’s interface:

- Old size: the original size of the image file.

- New size: new size of the image after reducing the size.

- Reduction: % reduced size

We have shown you how to reduce the image size and compress file by FILEminimizer Pictures. Furthermore, you can take a look at other software to minimize image size in


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