Remove adds in Flappy Bird game on iOS and Android

By Laura

Flappy Bird is a very popular game at present; however, adds associated with it may irritate you. Thus, how to remove these adds?

As mentioned above, the adds above and below the game may irritate you as they will switch to other websites when you unintentionally click them. So, why don’t we remove them? It is very simple, let’s refer to this article to know how to do that.


The playing of Flappy Bird requires a high concentration and carefulness, so you may be distracted with the appearance of adds. Besides, these adds may also charge web surf fee whenever you play the game.

In fact, you are unable to remove all these adds except for abolishing the game. However, to improve this problem, you can turn off adds whenever you play the game. Before playing Flappy Bird, let’s turn on Airplane Mode. This solution works on both Android and IOS devices.
Guide to set Airplane mode:

As these adds require Internet connection, you mobiles will automatically turn off Internet connection when we activate AirPlane mode, and adds will disappear automatically.

When we have not activated Airplane mode, adds will appear on the top as in the below image.

After you activate airplane mode for your IOS and Android devices, adds have disappeared.

With this method, you can concentrate on playing the game without being distracted by adds. It is too simple to remove adds in Flappy Bird game, isn’t it? Hope that this small tip will be helpful for you.
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