Remove Linux operating system installed in parallel with Windows 8

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You are using a computer installed with Windows 8 operating system in parallel with a Linux-core operating system like Ubuntu. The installation of multiple operating system will slow down your computer’s operation. will guide you to uninstall Linux operating system without affecting Windows 8 operating system.

You sometimes want to install two different operating systems on your computer to see how different they are as well as their pros and cons. However, one day, you will see that you computer is very slow to start up and it takes tens of minutes to make a manipulation. It is time for you to remove one operating system because it has too great impact on your computer. Windows will be a better choice; therefore, you will remove Linux operating system.

Guide to remove Linux operating system installed in parallel with Windows 8

Method 1: This method is only applicable when you install Ubuntu by Wubi

Your work is simply start Windows and then open run dialogue box with Win + R key combination, type Control, and then click Enter.

Access Programs and Features. In the list of features installed, find Ubuntu operating system and Uninstall it.

Method 2: Linux is install on the disk partition of Windows.

In this case, to be save and limit Boot error of Window, it is the best to delete the partition for installing Linux in win 8.

We use Disk Management tool by opening run dialogue box with Win + R key combination, type "diskmgmt.msc", and then press Enter,

Next, you need to determine the partition installed with Linux and Delete as in the following image.

To absolutely clean Ubuntu out of your computer, you are recommended to format the partition installed with Uuntu previously (the method to format the partition is similar to method 2 above).

Therefore, only by implementing the above instructed manipulation, you can completely remove Linux operating system installed in parallel with Windows 8 operating system out of your computer. Restart your computer to check the result.

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