Save old format documents in MS Office 2013

By Laura

You like the look of Office 2013, however the file is prepared on Office 2013 that makes Office 2003 and older versions of Office cannot read.

When the Office upgrades to the new versions, they have upgraded the new text formats (.Docx) and saved text as this format by default. Therefore, older version 2003 cannot read (old format is .Doc). will guide you how to save files in old format.

Save old format documents in MS Office 2013

Step 1: Open your Word file, choose File

Choose Save as

Step 2: Select the Computer and on the right, there Browse at the bottom will appear. click on this item

Step 3: After clicking browse, Save As will display

Here you can select the path to save in any folder in the computer.

- File name: Rename the text.

- Save as type: Choose formats to save as. To save the text as the old format, choose word 97-2003 Document


After that, select Save to save the text

Saving documents as old format in MS Office 2013 is a small but useful tricks that will help you read and open files in Office 2013 that are drafted in the older versions of Office, especially Office 2003, more easily.


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