Set password for USB by USB Sercurity

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USB Sercurity is a free program that helps you create a password to protect your data in USB.

Most of people want a password to protect data stored on USB and to avoid unauthorized access. will guide you how to set password for USB by USB Sercurity.

Set password for USB by USB Sercurity

Step 1: Download and install the software. You can download the latest version of USB Sercurity here.

Step 2: Plug the USB into the computer and install USB Sercurity.

Click Aceept, you will see the following window

Step 3: The program will appear the name of the USB drive – Here, it is drive G: \ (Portable Drive). Click Next and Install to continue the installation

- The installation process ends. Click Finish.

- The USB drive automatically open. There will be USBSecurity.exe

Step 4: Set password: Click USBSecurity.exe file, the interface of the software appears for you to set password.

- Set password for USB:

At No. 1 - Enter the password

At No. 2 – Re-enter the password

At No. 3 – Enter the password hint, number or text that you can easily remember (in case you forget the password in No.1)

Next, click Protect to set the password

- The process of setting up a password to protect data takes place

You will not see the previous files after opening the USB but only one unique file USBSecurity.exe

However, you can still see the USB parameters such as: name, size, ect.

View data in USB after setting password

Step 1: Open the USB, click USBSecurity.exe

 USBSecurity appears. In Password, enter the password you created earlier. Then click Open in virtual drive


Step 2: All data in USB will appear normally.

Uninstall the password from the USB

Open the USB, click USBSecurity.exe. Enter your password and click Unprotect this drive

By setting a password for your USB by USB Sercurity, you will be no longer afraid of leaking your data and unauthorized access. Furthermore, you can take a look at other tricks for Anti writing data on USB by USB WriteProtector to prevent other users from copying your data.

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