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You do not want other people using your computer can see important Word and Excel documents. The best way is to set a password for these documents, will guide you how to do it on Word and Excel 2007.

Setting a password for Word and Excel documents on your computer will help you absolutely protect your important data if someone else accidentally uses computers and read them. There are lots of ways to do this, you can compress them with WinRAR and set a password for them. Or the easiest way is to set the password directly in the text editor MS Word and MS Excel.

Set a password for WORD & EXCEL FILE
Note: the method to set password for Word or Excel file are similar.
Step 1: Open Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Choose a Word file or Excel file that needs a password.
Step 2: Click the Office icon in the upper left corner of the interface - >Save As (or use the shortcut F12)

Step 3: Save As dialog box appears, select Tools - > General Options

Step 4: General Options dialog box opens, with settings
- Password to open: Set password to open Word or Excel file (this password is only used when you open the document).
- Password to modify: Set password to edit Word or Excel file (only view documents but cannot edit).
It depends on the purpose of setting a password, however, it is best to set password for these two functions.
After setting the password, click OK to save the settings.

Finally, click Save to save Word or Excel file.
 Conclusion: With the above article, guide you how to set password on the 2007 version, for other versions of MS Word or MS Excel, just do the same.

Wish you success!

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