Set programs to start with Windows

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You usually use a certain program, and every time you start your computer, you have to find and lauch that program again. So why don’t you set it to start automatically with Windows to save your time and effort?

You should set such programs and apps that you use frequently to start automatically with your computer. will guide you how to set programs to start with Windows operating system.

Set programs to start with Windows

Step 1: Click Start button and type Regedit, and press Enter

Step 2: Registry Editor window appears, follow these instruction below


- Click Software

- Select Microsoft

- Select Windows, then choose Run

Step 3: At the next window, right click and choose New, String Value

Step 4: When New Value appears, press F2 and change it to the name of the program you want to start with Windows. For example TeamViewer

Step 5: Next, right click on the software you want and select Properties, copy all the text in the Target box, except”in the beginning and the end of the text

Step 6: Go to Registry Editor, click on the box that you have just created and paste that copied text

Then press Enter

Now you just need to restart your computer and see the result.

With the above instruction, setting programs to launch with Windows operating system is so easy, which saves a lot of time and effort for you.  Furthermore, if a program is no longer needed, you can set that application to not start automatically with Win 7


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