Short-cut keys in Win 8

By Laura

Windows 8 brings us a lot of benefits (faster, more battery-saving and more lightweight compared to Windows 7, etc.). However, the usage of mouse for manipulating these functions seems to be unsuitable.

Your usage of Windows 8 will be much easily with short-cut keys. The following articles from will summarize short-cut keys being used in Windows 8.


Short-cut keys in Windows Explorer do not change compared to Win7, so this article will focus on the manipulations of short-cut keys on Desktop and MetroUI interfaces.

Windows                              Switch from Desktop into Metro UI

Windows + C                       Open Charms Bar

Windows + I                         Quickly open Setting panel.

Windows + K                       Open Devices panel.

Windows + H                      Quickly open Share panel.

Windows + Q                     Quickly open search box.

Windows + ,                       Make currently- running windows on Desktop transparent.

Windows + P                     Quickly open screen switch panel.

Windows + Tab                Change applications in MetroUI and Desktop

Windows + E                   Open Windows Explorer.
Windows + R                   Open Run Dialogue box to enter commands.

Windows + X                  Open advanced options for system management.

Windows + Home            Minimize all windows, except for currently-used window.

Windows + Pause / Break            Open System panel.

Windows + PrtSc / SysRq               Take screenshot and automatically save in folder.


(betdownload is your computer’s name).

With the above short-cut keys, you will easily use and manipulate Windows 8 operating system. In addition, you can refer to and useshort-cut keys in Excel,short-cut keys in Gmail, etc.


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