Signals to recognize hard drives with bad sectors

By Laura

Bad Sector (or Bad) is an error occurring to hard drives, causing problems for the operation of hard drives and sometimes causing errors for the computer during usage process. Thus, how to recognize fragmented hard drives?

The fragmentation of hard drives causes system errors or even makes the computer fail to operate. Therefore, users need to regularly check and fix hard drive fragments with bad sectors. However, if HDD has bad sector, how to recognize it? Let’s follow this article from to know these signals.


Now, I will list some methods to recognize hard drives with bad sectors for your reference.

1. Fail to access a certain partition or folder on the computer.

2. Fail to ghost the computer.

3. Fail to format the computer. When you format hard drives, the computer will report Bad Track 0- Disk Unusable error. This is the most common error when formatting hard drives with bad sectors.

4. Notify Error reading data on driver C:, Retry ,Abort, Ignore ,Fail, etc. when running applications. These notifications show that data on a certain partition of the computer is errored and unreadable.

5. Report bad sectors when running bad sector detecting programs such as HD Tune, Windows Surface Scanner, etc.

Red spots on the image are partitions with bad sectors on hard drives.

Hope that the sharing from has helped you recognize hard drives with bad sectors. In addition, you can use defragmentation softwares to check and fix bad sector error for hard drives.


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