Simplest method to edit PDF files

By Helen Nguyen

PDF format is currently favored by many users because of its compactness, high security and synchrony in content. However, it is not easy to edit one PDF file if you are not its creator.

To help you edit content on PDF files, in this article, will instruct you how to edit PDF file with the simplest method, which is copying the content of the PDF file into a Word file, next edit the content and convert the Word file into PDF format with the lightweight DoPDF tool.


Step 1: Open the PDF file that you need to edit with PDF readers such as Foxit Reader, etc. If you have not had the software, you can download Foxit Reader here.

- Afterward, click Select Text and then select all content of the PDF file (Ctrl + A) and then copy the content by pressing (Ctrl + C)

Step 2: Open Microsoft Word text editor and then paste the entire copied content here.

- Here, you perform manipulations such as changing content, editing font, font type and anything that you want.

Step 3: After changing the content as expected, the following step is converting this word file into PDF format. With lightweight and free DoPDF tool, you can download the latest version of DoPDF here.

- Here, you press Ctrl + P short-cut key combination, select DoPDF and select OK to convert.

Step 4: Here, input the file name and then click OK.

After completing, you can check the PDF file after being converted.

With above detailed instructions, everyone can edit document in PDF file easily and quickly. Now, PDF files are not your problem anymore.

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