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You can delete accounts you do not want to contact any more, but you can not "force" them to disconnect with you. will guide you how to block m

Blocking some accounts in the Skype contact list (messages or calls on Skype) is the best way to avoid nuisances from unwanted people. Thanks to this method, you will not waste time receiving vain stories from these people.


Step 1: After installing Skype, open the utility by clicking on the software`s icon on the Desktop (if you agreed to place the icon on the Desktop in the installation).

In the Search Programs and files section on the Start Menu, enter the Skype keyword, then the results will be displayed right on the screen.

Step 2: Sign in your Skype account.

Step 3: Select one account you do not want to contact with, right click and select Block This Person

Step 4: A window will appear, select Remove from your Contact list.

Click Block

After clicking Block to close the window, this also means you decline contacting with that person. Do the same with other people you do not want to get in touch.

Wish you success!


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