Snagit - How to add sharing applications on Facebook

By Laura

You want to share your videos or images on the social network by Snagit. This article will guide you how to install more applications for sharing videos and images on Facebook.

You have just recorded a video clip by Snagit or taken a photo of the computer screen and you want to share it on Facebook. Normally, you will have to follow lots of steps to be able to share videos and images. This article will guide you the way to add the video and image sharing feature from Snagit to Facebook.

install Snagit

Step 1: Run Snagit, then open Snagit Editor and select a video or a picture you want to share.


Then, click on the Share tab on the Menu Bar.

On the Share tab, click on More accessories Download to download sharing utilities on Facebook for Snagit.

Then, the system will lead you to a website so that you can download utilities for Snagit.
- Select Facebook and download it.

After downloading it, click on the downloaded file so that the system installs it automatically.

When you open Snagit, this notification will appear. So the system has installed it on your computer. Click OK to confirm that the process is completed.

Go to the share tab on the menu bar again and you will see in the Outpost Accessories section that Facebook is added.

With this utility, you can share images or videos of the computer screen on Facebook simply without taking much time as before.
Wish you success!

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sharing on Facebook


share Snagit`s images via Facebook


connect to Facebook with Snagit

, share video with Snagit image sharing application on Facebook

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