Speed ​​up Firefox by Fasterfox

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Firefox is one of the most preferred browser in the Internet today. Along with Google Chrome, Firefox increasingly shows its importance in the web browser of all users.

Firefox browser and other browsers do not always achieve 100 % performance for web loading speed as well as fast accessing time. Betdownload.com will guide you how to increase performance and browsing speed of Mozilla Firefox with Fasterfox.

Speed up Firefox by Fasterfox

Step 1: install add -on Fasterfox on Firefox

You can download the latest version of add -on Fasterfox here Firefox

Step 2: Install the add -on:

+ Click Add to Firefox and click Allow to start the installation process.

+ Select Install Now

+ Choose restart immediately. After that, Firefox will automatically restart and integrate the add -on into the browser.

Step 3: Access Fasterfox

+ In the browser, click Tools - >Add - ons

When the window appears, click Extensions on the left and click option of the add -on Fasterfox

+ Options of Fasterfox appears including 2 modes to choose: Presets and Fasterfox

Step 4: In the Presets section, choose Turbo Charged

Step 5: At Fasterfox, select Enable and Enhance Prefetching and Enable page load timer

Enhance Enable Prefetching: Firefox will speed up the link downloading speed  at the fastest speed

Click OK to save the settings.

We have guided you how to speed up Mozilla Firefox with add -on Fasterfox. In addition, you can also find other browser acceleration applications on betdownload.com.


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