Synchronize data on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch by latest version of iTunes

By Giang Doan

To synchronize data on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you should use iTunes software of Apple to get the best result. The following post will help you with simple stips.

iTunes is a software application used to manage files, share data for devices using iOS operating system as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Following we will guide you how to synchronize data on iOS by iTunes. Let’s study with

After you install the new version, activate iTunes software. You can also download the latest version of  iTunes.

Step 1: On the main menu of iTunes, click Library (Image below)

Step 2: Create song list to synchronize with iOS.

On Music tab, you choose Playlists, here, you can choose a new Playlist by choose New Playlist, and rename a suitable one then drag and drop your favorite song on this Playlist (Image below).

Step 3: Connect iOS with your PC ( Following is illustrative image for iPhone)

You Click on iPhone (Image below)

Step 4: On Apps tab, you can install or remove any apps for your iOS
To search for the application you enter keywords into the search box and then proceed with the installation.

To uninstall the application you click the Remove (Image below)

Step 5: Move to Music tab to copy music, here, you can tick on your favorite Playlist to copy to iOS. (Image below)

Step 6: Move to Photos tab to copy pictures to iOS.

Here you select Sync Photos from and select the favorite photos to copy. (Image below)

Step 7: Finally, you click on the Sync to start synchronizing the data (music, pictures and applications) on your iOS (Image below)

So with just some simple steps, you can easily install your apps, music, photos from your computer to iOS quickly.

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