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You can TeamViewer to track and control a computer from distance via the Internet. Moreover, this utility can also help you share sounds from a computer with another computer. will show you how to perform this task.

TeamViewer is a software which enables you to control a computer from distance via the Internet connection. Thanks to this utility, you can access other computer right on your computer. However, you really want to share and want the user of that computer to listen to music with you but you do not know that TeamViewer has a feature to perform this task.

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Turn on audio sharing feature in TeamViewer
Step 1: After installing TeamViewer on your computer, open the utility by click program’s icon on the Desktop.
Step 2: On the toolbar, select Extras --> Options


Step 3: Select Meeting on the left of the screen and tick Share computer sounds and sharing. Click OK to save the settings.

Thus, with several simple manipulations, you can share the songs that you are listening to on your computer with another computer via the Internet by using TeamViewer while still being able to control that computer from distance.

Wish you success!

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